Why Music?

Everything evolves, dies, or can be a setting example. Today’s technological advances allow music to acquire entirely new dimensions while keeping its roots. With movement and composition, Flywash takes mixing all genres of music on vinyl to another level where he manipulates sound elements to produce a cohesive whole, much as a composer writes a composition. Harmonically related and rhythmically synchronized, all aspects of his music create a total Nero-musical experience for the listener!

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inspiration | 1980-1989

Old Setup (1991)

80's, while growing up in Hartford, Connecticut, his drive and passion for collecting and mixing vinyl and creating beats emerged through the exploding creative Hip-Hop scene in New York City. This is where Flywash discovered his calling and was inspired by Bboying, DJing, Graffiti, and MCing which molded him to explore the various genres, styles, and beats used today.

Old School Hip-Hop includes sampling beats/bass lines from records and rhythmic beatboxing while rhyming over beats. Listen below:

90's inspiration | 1990-1999

Living in Houston, Texas, Flywash continued to evolve from DJ'ing to learning to write/produce music and perform live at various clubs/raves. He later started to collaborate and perform with other musicians and DJ's thus further refining his style and overall sound.

New Wave is considered to be a mash between electronic and experimental music with common characteristics of synthesizers. Listen below:

Industrial is considered as experimental/electronic music that draws on provocative sounds with a fusion of rock/electronic. Listen below:

House is usually a repetitive 4/4 beat mainly provided by drum machines, off-beat hi-hat cymbals, and synthesized basslines. Listen below:

inspiration | 2000-2009

00's, driving the underground scene (clubs, raves, and renegade parties) with collectives and friends in San Francisco, California, Flywash continued to evolve by mastering new genres and blending previously mastered genres to create a unique new sound for his followers.

Drum & Bass includes fast breakbeats with heavy bass lines, sampled sources, and synthesizers and inspired by Jamaican dub. Listen below:

Breakbeat is a mixture of hip-hop, Miami bass and electro that often includes recognizable sampling of early jazz or funk beats. Listen below:

Electro mashes electronic music, early hip-hop, and funk while influenced by drum machines and heavy electronic sounds. Listen below:

Techno is made up of a blend of African American music including house, funk, electro, and electric jazz (usually at fast BPMs). Listen below:

inspiration | 2010-Today

10's, with several decades of professionally trained music compositions, creating and producing original written music/beats, or mixing anything and everything on vinyl, Flywash is a true veteran of the industry displaying a genuine passion for what he creates.

His enhanced artistry with his own music of rhythm, harmony, and fresh sounding vocals, makes a perfect blend for any environment, or music lover to capture. Flywash continues to evolve taking all mastered genres to the next level where he flawlessly mixes and mashes in and out of various genres, beats, and tempos keeping people eagerly dancing and backs off the wall...